Happy hormones by Jiwan Shakti

Happy hormones for happy woman     *** Nieuwe datum (najaar 2022) komt binnenkort op de site***

Hormones and menopause

Every single emotion, every passion and every action are determined by a hormone. Same applies to our health, the physical and mental state of being.
We are not “made like that”, you are not a “grumpy one”, she is not a “lazy one“: We are biochemistry!
Our capacity to love, understand, accept and even our mood, hunger, thirst, desire, ability to concentrate, to procreate, to resist, our way to live relationships, our sexual potency, everything is connected to our endocrine glands and their functioning.
Prolonged stress, wrong food, lack of exercise, incoherent lifestyle,
menopause and andropause are some of the main causes of the loss of hormonal balance.

Happiness is a state of the mind, depending on the complex interplay of chemicals in the brain.
Their availability depends on the food we consume, what we think,
physical activity, the interaction with the environment.
A sense of well-being is the result of a balanced hormone level. Too much or too little may manifest as mania or respectively as depression.

If you are happy, happiness will come to you because happiness wants to go where happiness is. – Yogi Bhajan

In this workshop we will explore dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, the 4 hormones which directly are involved in our experience of happiness:

• Dopamine causes a sense of contentment and happiness. It is involved in controlling the mood.

• Serotonin is correlated with variations in personality and mood and is also linked to depression. Serotonin prevents depression and makes a person happy.

• Oxytocin is sometimes referred to as ‘love hormone’ because it is secreted in response to the social recognition, bonding and loving physical contact/orgasm.

• Endorphins make us feel good, reduce pain and anxiety.

By a simple, individual test, in all those workshops you will discover the signals your body sends, providing you with a profound understanding of your glandular system. In this workshop, you will experience a variety of Yoga exercises, meditations, mantras and many tools more, and you will learn how easily small changes in your lifestyle, in your diet, allow you to make a significant change to a richer happy life

See you in Netherlands!


Date and costs

Fall, 2022 @ 10:00 am - , 2020 @ 5:00 pm

Early bird 190.-€ per person 
Normal price 210.-€ per person 



Sat Nam Yoga Volendam
Parallelweg 33, Volendam
(With public transport or by car, 45 min from Schiphol airport and 25 minutes from Amsterdam cs)


About Jiwan Shakti

Kundalini Yoga crossed my path 2005. After years of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga without finding really what I was looking for and in the middle of a very tough moment of my life. “Finally!” I said at the end of my first Kundalini Yoga class. This is what I need. This is what I want. Work hard for one reason: find my real self.


Professional Profile

Since more than 25 years I have worked in the show business as a screenwriter, actress, producer, director. Communication, teamwork, leadership, body language, ability to address emotions and feelings, are my professional experience. Studying and reproducing any kind of emotions and feelings according to “The Method” by Lee Strasberg (Actors Studio), my sensitivity and awareness for the human nature awoke. As an award-winning TV writer, I teach scriptwriting techniques, acting and body language.

As a certified operator of Sat Guru Charan (foot reflexology massage under meditation, taught by Hari Simran Singh), I found a very unique way to help and support with symptoms of stress and anxiety, mental, physical and emotional blocks. Through understanding the body, its language and experience its possibility of self-healing, I apply the principles of reflexology also for facial treatments. If you listen to your body, you can understand who you are. Then you can change your habits, solve your blocks, align your life with your soul, and reach your destiny.

“The physical body is a temple. Take care of it. The mind is energy. Regulate it. The soul is the projection. Represent it. All knowledge is false if the soul is not experienced in the body.“ - Yogi Bhajan


The techniques I use are based on:

Alexander Lowen Bioenergetic Analysis

Yogi Bhajan’s self-transforming meditations and

The Lee Strasberg Method

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe’s teachings of hormones and
 their interaction

Anodea Judith chakra analysis

I offer individual massage and consultation.